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Qt Other Utility

Score 57%



Link:  Link
Minimum required   Qt 4.x
Downloads:  179
Submitted:  Feb 17 2009
Updated:  May 9 2012


Keep a snapshot of any volume you have access to! XLocate is a file system index management tool and a front-end to the most popular GNU-Linux fast search utilities. XLocate allows you to maintain a collection of databases for shelved or offsite CD/DVD/Blu-ray collections, network places, memory sticks, fixed and removable hard disks, etc. You can define search sets and get a high level of flexibility through a large set of options. XLocate automatically recognizes through magic three of the most widespread locate database formats (GNU locate, slocate and mlocate). You can conveniently search for files using any of these 3 tools, which don't need to be installed in your path. You can also transparently create and update indices from within the application.


Tue Sep 24 00:02:20 CEST 2002 - Alexandre Oberlin
o Initial Creation

Changes between 0.68 and 0.67:
* bugfix: output was not sorted anymore when using mlocate or GNU locate
* bugfix: documentation icons were not installed
* feature: it is now possible to inhibit further command line display when searching or updating a group of volumes
* translation: interface translated in Czech thanks to Pavel Fric
Changes between 0.67 and 0.66:
* feature: Exclude nodev file systems in updating fixed partitions.
* feature: The database file names for fixed drives (internal and usb hard disks) may be defined by the user from the Drives tab of the Options dialog and are stored in the configuration file like before. However, for the removable drives, nothing is stored and the database file name may be changed upon updating only. The default file name is the label of the drive.
* feature: Added warning to the use of secure option (in slocate or mlocate) when indexing removable media. No file would be found when the media is not mounted. More generally, even for fixed drives there is a problem with the secure option in both slocate and mlocate: I files have been moved since the last database update, they just won't be found, even if the partition is mounted. Thi sis because slocate/mlocate cannot readily determine if the directory to which the files have been moved is readable by user.
* feature: in Drives tab of Options dialog, the user does not manually set readonly and removable flags and anymore. Readonly is retrieved using mtab and removable using hal-get-property.
* feature: the info dialog for a volume list item now gives information about the format and the security level of the database file.
* feature: XLocate now recognizes the format of a database file and by default reindex it using the same format, provided that the corresponding GNUlocate/slocate/mlocate utility is available.
* feature: XLocate now can search and maintain database in different format (GNU locate, slocate and mlocate). Those programs must be on your system but need not be all three on your path.
* feature: in Options > Mounted volumes, the paths specified are now considered relative to the mount point of the volume, so since 0.67 you should not repeat the mount point in this field
* feature: application restarts itself when major layout changes are selected in the options.
* feature: the volume list and preset may be disposed side by side or stacked.
* bugfix: spare listing was disabled on regexp search, which was not justified

Changes between 0.66 and 0.65:
* feature: entries in volume list now have icons for read-only or read-write.
* feature: three flavours of locate utility are now supported as options: GNU locate, slocate, mlocate.
* feature: main window's layout can be vertical or horizontal at user's choice.
* feature: options db remembers which tab was last open.
* bugfix: error when a new database was created without exclusion patterns
* bugfix: a preset button is given back is order number as labeled when its selection is removed.
* feature: (Qt4 only) the preset buttons now can be clicked with keyboard modifiers, allowing the same effect as calling the different items in the preset button's context menu (set selection, add to selection, fill preset button from current selection). This is particularly useful to make up a composite selection using more than one preset button.
* option: warnings about index files older than 8 days may be suppressed also on writable medias if this option is selected.
* bugfix: history dialog used for issuing and remembering system commands was buggy.

Changes between 0.65 and 0.64:
* bugfix: traditional window drifting issue solved by writing geometry not in main window destructor but in slot quit().
* bugfix: occasional segfaults when updating removable media due to uncontrolled interaction between QString and char*.

Changes between 0.64 and 0.63:
* feature: added font change menu in search box
* bugfix: backward search in FileList got stuck after first match.
* bugfix: GetUpdateList::GetRemLabel segfaulted when indexing a removable unit without a label set.
* bugfix: DB entries were not correctly counted when several dirs were used.
* bugfix: occasional segfault on exit due to early context menu deletion.
* bugfix: GetUpdateList::GetRemLabel used an occasionally too small buffer for label.
* Added signal handling.
* bugfix: newly entered search string was buried.

Changes between 0.63 and 0.62:
* bugfix: restored applying saved geometry on qt3.
* bugfix: subsequent matches on path were not printed when using spare listing option

Changes between 0.62 and 0.61:
* feature save the edit contents to make a new file.
* OK button set default in Options box.
* app works harder to find a valid browser.
* bugfix: changed alignment for paths boxes in Options / General tab.
* removed SHIFT Delete in editor.
* auto disable spare listing when regexp search is selected.
* bugfix: About box was wrecked in 0.61 qt3.
* bugfix: shortcut doc.

Changes between 0.61 and 0.60:
* bugfix: launching a search with a file open for editing was confusing.
* bugfix: preset buttons selection were not saved in Qt3 version.
* bugfix: "Save file as" dialog did not select the current filename.
* Corrected bad tootip on search box.
* Documented keyboard shortcuts to navigate subwindows.

Changes between 0.60 and 0.51.{2,3}:
* KDE libs have been dropped, together with the bulky KDE configure
script; qmake is used instead.
* Qt4 supported (native) as well as Qt3
* The choice of slocate or GNU locate is made at configure time.
* Select and Manage group boxes may be hidden. Their functions are
accessible through top widget's context menu.
* suppression of the option MAX_LABELS: an unlimited number of new DB files
may now be created in a single session.
* a splitter gives the user better control of the layout.
* context menus appropriate for every subwindow are accessible through
right mouse button or SHIFT-F10 in:
- volume list
- result list
- selection buttons
- top widget
- search string edit box
* mouse selection available in editor with Shift+Insert
* opportunity to display a HTML file, and to edit a text file

KDE {2,3} versions.
Changes between 0.51.{2,3} and 0.50.{2,3}:
* preselection buttons manage pointing to an index file with the same
name in several directory.

Changes between 0.50.{2,3} and 0.24:
* allow use of slocate's secure option when creating databases.
* support of multiple database directories, suppressing the need
to set /var/lib/xlocate as world writable.
* display of lengthy match lists much faster.
* termination signals handling to perform temp file cleanup.
* storage of complex volume selections through customizable
* fancy colors in result pane.
* more parameters accessible from tabbed options dialog.
* font selection in file list edit pane.
* documentation error fixes.

Changes between 0.24 and 0.23:
* more tool tips : there should be enough for basic operation.
* nicer Options DB
* bugfix: in context menus Run Command and Start Application :
an error message was erroneously displayed in the result pane
when the command succeeded without returning 0.
* bugfix: search history inhibition was ineffective.
* removed some sorting inconsistencies in volume list and file list.
* the Abort button is now more effective.
* the return key may be used to start the search if focus is on the
search pattern box or on the volume list.

Changes between 0.23 and 0.22:
* bugfix: the program could hang when very large output was sent
to QTextEdit. The display is not as fast as it was with KDE 2 version
* Patch integrated

Changes between 0.22 and 0.20:
* Corrected bug in LabelList due to new sort policy of QListBox in qt-3.0.6
* Eventual links found in db dir are described in context menu.
* Fixed AboutData, removed unused What's this in HelpMenu
* Added validator in Options DB
* Help files completed

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 Looks interesting

 by jackiebrown on: Feb 24 2009
Score 50%

But you can't expect any postive feedback based on screenshots alone.

I'm not suggesting changing your buisness model, just letting you know not to take the rating to heart.

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 Re: Looks interesting

 by jackiebrown on: Jul 26 2012
Score 50%

Please ignore my orignial comment.

This app is very useful and well done. Please don't see my original comment as any kind of reflection on this program.

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