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Qt Education

Score 74%



Homepage:  http://goldendict.org/
Minimum required   Qt 4.x
Downloads:  1360
Submitted:  Jan 29 2009
Updated:  Dec 3 2010


GoldenDict is a feature-rich dictionary lookup program supporting multiple dictionary formats, featuring perfect article rendering with the complete markup, illustrations, and other content retained, and allowing you to type in words without any accents, correct case, punctuation or spaces.


1.0 - Changelog:

* Support for Forvo online pronunciations added.
* Support for Phonon for audio file playback (DirectShow under Windows). This allows playing most audio files (.mp3 etc).
* History of search queries added.
* Dictionary bar added, allowing to disable individual dictionaries in the currently selected group.
* Multi-word queries are now splitted into individual words and presented as links, and all compound expressions (expressions consisting of two or more words) within the query are found and displayed.
* Morphological analysis is now applied to compound expressions as well (e.g. "dozing off" -> "doze off")
* It is now possible to assign keyboard shortcuts to the groups for fast switching now.
* It is now possible to use any file as a group icon.
* Content not originating from the site the user browses can now be blocked (hides ads).
* Internal links in websites are now followed in-place.
* Audio files from websites are now played.
* Drop-down list of open tabs added.
* Clicking a link with middle mouse button now opens it in a new tab.
* Double-clicking words in an article translates them right away (hold Ctrl to open in new tabs).
* Typing while focused on the word list initiates new search now.
* Zooming fonts in word list and translate line is now possible.
* Simply moving the mouse away from the scan popup window hides it.
* Toggling main window gives focus to the translation line.
* Zip files are now indexed, conserving memory and startup times considerably.
* Better support for RTL languages.
* Improvements in BGL and DSL support.
* Support for portable version mode (just create the portable/ directory to enable it).
* Checking for the running instance is now always done correctly.
* Lots and lots of smaller improvements, speedups and bugfixes.

0.9 - Changelog:

* Ability to use arbitrary websites as dictionaries added. A special keyword in its URL is replaced by the queried word.
* Ability to change dictionary order and deactivate selected dictionaries added.
* Support for transliterations added. Russian, German and Japanese Hepburn Romaji transliterations are now present.
* Switchable display styles implemented. In addition to the default style, there is now a white 'Lingvo' style.
* Finding text in the currently displayed article is now possible (Ctrl+F).
* Zooming buttons added.
* Support for printing added.
* Ability to save current article to html file added.
* Typing any text key while in the definition window conveniently starts a new query.
* Pasting to the definition window defines word from the clipboard.
* There's a notion of a currently active article now, which influences sound playback and focus for word links.
* Articles can now be navigated to via Alt+Up/Alt+Down.
* Groups dialog has got a "remove all groups" button.
* Support for morphology inflections for MediaWiki searches added.
* Babylon files icons are now supported.
* A lot of improvements in Dsl file format support and rendering were made, resulting in better compatibility and closer article rendering.
* UTF8 is now supported for Dsl files when files begin with UTF8 BOM.
* More icons were added here and there in the interface.
* Ctrl-Enter hotkey defined the entered word in a new tab.
* Dictionary files can now be quickly rescanned from the File menu.
* Looking up words from clipboard is now done via Ctrl+C+C by default, instead of Ctrl+Ins+Ins.
* Several other new shortcuts were added (Alt+S to play sound, Alt+M to show matches, Alt+G to change group, Alt+Left/Right to go back/forward etc).
* Dsl files are now initialized in background, resulting in faster startup times.
* When searching for dictionaries, directories ending with .dsl.files/ or .dsl.dz.files/ are not recursed into now.
* Zipped dsl resources having more than 65535 files are now handled properly.
* Lookups in zipped dsl resources are now case-insensitive.
* Several problems with transcriptions in .dsl dictionaries were fixed.
* Icons now properly display for uncompressed .dsl files.
* Problems with handling audio links when there are no groups resolved.
* Several rendering problems in Babylon files were fixed.
* Hebrew (CP1255) Babylon files now properly contain all letters in sentences.
* All headwords beginning with slash are now dropped for Babylon files.
* 'make install' under Linux should now work better.
* Other smaller fixes and enhancements.

0.8 - Changelog:

* The program has got a Hunspell-based morphology system. Any regular Myspell/Hunspell spellchecking dictionaries can now be used for word stemming during searches in order to yield better matches. They are also used to provide spelling suggestions for mistyped words.
* Support for Sound Dirs (arbitrary directories full of audio files) added. This allows using StarDict's WyabdcRealPeopleTTS or any other arbitrary audio collections.
* Support for dictd dictionary files (.index/.dict(.dz)) was added.
* Folding algoritms now incorporate punctuation and whitespace folding. This greatly helps finding words prefixed with dashes or quotes, phrases consisting of differently joined or misjoined words, and also generally allows not using any punctuation or spaces at all while typing in inquiries.
* When headwords contain multiple words, each of them is indexed now. This, together with the punctuation and whitespace folding, and a new rank-based sorting algorithm gives a completely different feeling when typing in inquiries. It's now possible to see not only direct matches, but also different phrases involving the word, different word combinations which are close to the inquiry, and so on.
* All dictionary requests are now processed asyncronously, and on SMP systems in parallel. This gives smoother UI and faster load times at the same time.
* When no matches are found, the program now suggests close words.
* Support for global hotkeys was added. It's now possible to show or hide the main window using a hotkey, and translate a word from clipboard. The default keys for that are Ctrl+F11+F11 and Ctrl+Ins+Ins, respectively.
* The search pane is now fully dockable. It can now be resized, placed at different places of the main window, detached to a separate window, or be hidden at all.
* A dedicated 'Pronounce word' button was added. Clicking it would play the first audio reference in the article. It is also possible to configure the program to do that automatically.
* There's now a 'Table of contents' for the current article which allows quickly navigating to definitions from the different dictionaries. It's available in the right-mouse button context menu.
* Dictionaries have icons now, based on their types (patch by Ars). Dsl dictionaries use their individual icons if those are available.
* Options to open tabs in background and open tabs after the current one added.
* There's now an option to allow pressing scan popup modifiers shortly after the selection was made, lifting the requirement to hold them during the whole word selection proceess.
* A delay before hiding the window after the mouse had left the scan popup introduced, allowing the mouse to come back shortly.
* Proxy server configuration is now supported.
* Main window's state and geometry are now preserved across restarts.
* Russian translation was added (thanks to Andrey Cherepanov, ALT Linux)
* Pressing Esc now focuses the translation line.
* Shortcuts to add a tab, close a tab, switch to next tab, switch to previous tab added (those are Ctrl-T, Ctrl-W, Ctrl-PageDn, Ctrl-PageUp).
* Toggling main window visibility is now done via single clicks on the tray icon instead of double clicks.
* If the main window is obscured by other windows, it is now brought to front instead of being hidden when its visibility is toggled.
* It's not possible now to run two copies of the program simultaneously (patch by Ars)
* The program can now automatically check if a newer version is available for download.
* It is now possible to specify which program to use for audio file playback under Linux.
* The program now starts slightly faster.
* An option to start the program automatically with the login session added (KDE and Windows only) (patch by Ars).
* Proper UTF16 with surrogate pairs is now supported in .dsl files.
* Problems with 64-bit systems were resolved.
* Copying to clipboard now works.
* StarDict preformatted articles now properly wrap.
* Article and word counts are now saved for .dsl files.
* The .dsl abbreviation files are no longer ever considered as separate dictionaries now.
* Any dsl tags inside the abbreviation files are now properly removed.
* When navigating back and forward, scroll positions (the offsets from the top of articles) are now preserved.
* Other smaller fixes and enhancements.

0.7 - Changelog:

* Wikipedia, Wiktionary, or any other MediaWiki sites are now supported to perform lookups in.
* Paths to search for the dictionary files can now be recursive.
* Ability to move .dsl resources into a subdirectory, or pack into a .zip archive.
* Groups won't be losing dictionaries anymore when dictionary files are moved around the directories.
* Other improvements and fixes.

0.5 - Initial binary and source release.

other(Source code)
other(Windows 32-bit Installer)
other(Windows 32-bit Installer with En-Ru-En dictionarie)
other(En-Ru-En dictionaries bundle for Linux users)
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 Google Dictionary

 by maarizwan on: Nov 15 2009
Score 50%


Please support "Google Dictionary" in GoldenDict:


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 Hindi to Hindi Dictionary -DSL

 by maarizwan on: Dec 8 2009
Score 50%


I've converted Hindi-Hindi wordnet (GNU FDL) to DSL format.

Please include this dictionary in your website.

Hindi to Hindi Dictionary and Thesaurus version 1.20:

Here's the website which proves that it is opensource and free:

The Hindi WordNet API is released under GNU GPL 3.0 and the lexicon under GNU FDL

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 Clearing the input field

 by nucleas on: Dec 3 2010
Score 50%


Could you you please make button for clearing input field as in arora browser?


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