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Qt Education

Score 56%
Link:  Link
Downloads:  432
Submitted:  Dec 27 2007
Updated:  May 2 2016


The Mnemosyne software resembles a traditional flash-card program to help you memorise question/answer pairs, but with an important twist: it uses a sophisticated algorithm to schedule the best time for a card to come up for review. Difficult cards that you tend to forget quickly will be scheduled more often, while Mnemosyne won't waste your time on things you remember well.


Mnemosyne 2.3.6 : 2016-05-02

-Logs older than 1 year are now automatically archived in a separate file,
which is not backed up all the time, speeding up e.g. the sync process.
-The card browser now supports more html formatting, e.g. ruby tags.
-URLs in cards in the review widget now open in an external browser, rather
than the internal Qt webview which does not have back buttons e.g..
-Only changing a card type in the 'Edit current card' dialog now works again
(reported by Henrik).
-Failed cards no longer are listed as overdue in the card browser (requested
by Samuel Innes)
-Fixed bugs related to Unicode filenames under Android (reported by Jan
Egil Hagen).
-When adding a tag with the same name both on client and server before
syncing, rename one of these tags. Users still need to unify and activate
the tags though (reported by Jan Egil Hagen).
-Added a --version command line argument to display the version (requested by
Matthew Exon).
-Also accept files with *.tsv extention when importing tab-separated data
(requested by Ojas A).
-Don't leave the 'Client Logging in...'' dialog on the sync server open in
case the client provides a wrong password (reported by Eric).
-Fixed formatting when using 'db_media:///' in cards with javascript (
reported by Pete Kovalenko).

Mnemosyne 2.3.5 : 2015-12-07

-New OSX installer by Devin Howard.
-Fix editing of empty fields (reported by Malik Olivier Boussejra).
-Fix crash when compacting database (reported by David Bailey).
-Fix sound system under Linux (reported by David Bailey, Joel Pettersson).
-Make determining local IP address more robust (reported by Matthew Exon).

Mnemosyne 2.3.4 : 2015-10-05

-When importing another database with learning data, don't reset the creation
and modification times of cards.
-When switching card sets, no longer keep showing an unlearned card that was
being asked when the switch took place, but give precedence to scheduled cards.
-Improve robustness of sync protocol.
-When moving to a next card, kill the audio from the previous card.
-Multiple media files per card now works in conjunction with the 'start' and
'stop' options.
-When editing a card from the card browser, PgUp and PgDown no longer discard
the changes (reported by vmixeen).
-Fixed issue where creating clones of card types would sometimes clone the wrong
card type.
-Prefill tag behaviour plugin: don't update the last used tags when editing a
card, only when adding new cards.
-Better runtime documentation for the '(De)activate cards' dialog (requested by
Matthias Ernst).
-Allow Cntl-C to copy text from question if answer is showing (reported by
Mathias Ernst).
-Fix Windows-specific bug, where Mnemosyne would not notice that you were trying
to open a backup and would not take the appropriate actions.
-When running the sync server on e.g. a headless machine which does not have
latex installed, don't waste time looking for updated latex cards.
-Fix regression where a currently active set would not show up as highlighed
in the 'saved sets' panel when starting '(de)activate cards' (reported by
Matthias Ernst).
-Improve run-time help with respect to editing a saved set (requested by
Mathias Ernst).
-To work around bugs in Qt under Linux, media are also played using
mplayer, just like under Windows (reported by Francesco Ariis).
-Fix problems with not detecting autorepeat when pressing grade buttons
(patch by Kilian Evang).
-Fix RTL issues (reported by Mateusz Konieczny).
-Fix potential bug when exporting clones of cloned card types.

Mnemosyne 2.3.3 : 2015-04-13

-Fix regression where it was not possible to grade map cards (reported by
Mateusz Konieczny).
-Also allow mass conversion of cards to Cloze and Sentence card types
(requested by Chris Nadt).
-Change ',' to ' - ' when importing legacy tag names (reported by Matthias
-Fix some keyboard shortcuts while displaying map cards (reported by
Mateusz Konieczny).

Mnemosyne 2.3.2 : 2015-02-25

-Option to merge databases (under File - Import - Mnemosyne 2.x *.db files).
-Make sure latex files are always pregenerated before sync (reported by Eric Freeman).
-Fix error syncing filenames containing double dots (reported by Eric Freeman).
-Strip control characters from strings when exporting and syncing (reported by Carl Kennedy).
-Smart sorting of card types in dialog boxes (patch by Emilian Mihalache).
-Fix when importing 1.x databases containing a single quote in a media filename (reported by Jan Egil Hagen).
-Don't replace newline with inside textarea tags (patch by Pete Kovalenko).
-Fix crash when running in headless mode after having run with the GUI (reported by Chris Nadt).
-Fix handling of media filenames containing '#' (reported by Philip Gubser).
-Don't crash the SQL engine if you have more than 1000 tags (reported by Mats Hansson).
-Fix regression in merging and editing duplicate cards (reported by Marcin M.).
-Update the window title on a sync server if a different database was loaded.
-Make upgrading from 2.3 config database more robust (reported by Lewis White).
-Better error handling when trying to load a database which no longer exists in its previous location.
-Make sure we can run on systems with PyQt5 installed (patch by Nuno Araujo).
-The "db_media:" tag now expands to an absolute path on all systems (reported by Gnome).
-The local timezone is now stored in the science logs.

Mnemosyne 2.3.1 : 2014-06-18

-Change database backend for config file. There should be no more errors
which cause you to delete the config file.
-Don't import cherrypy if not using the sync server (workaround for mimetype
bug in non-unicode systems) (reported by Steven Lee, Pete Kovalenko).
-Don't give spurious warning about different tags in different sister cards
when creating new clozes when editing a card (reported by Scott Youngman).
-Fixed some issues with tabbing to buttons in a dialog not selecting the right
button (reported by Scott Youngman).

Mnemosyne 2.3 : 2014-04-15

The sync protocol has changed in this version, so make sure you update both the client and the server at the same time.

-A quick-and-dirty Android client is available, where you can do reviews in your mobile browser using a webserver which runs on your Android device.
This client has full support for the syncing protocol.
-The functionality of mnemosyne-webserver has now been merged into the main program and can be activated through 'Configure Mnemosyne - servers'.
-Time to create backups has decreased, in some situations even by a factor of 2 or more, speeding up syncing and program exit.
-Sped up all editing operations in the card browser.
-The name of the currently active saved set of cards is now listed in title bar (requested by Silverbear).
-Added new statistic: number of new cards learned per day.
-Also sync relevant settings (e.g. fonts, colours, ...) during the initial sync.
-Improve the timeout handling of the sync protocol.
-New Ukranian, Swedish, Serbian, Catalan translation.
-Fix erroneous 'Wrong username or password' error.
-Rework error handling when trying to load a database which no longer exists in its previous location.
-Keep the sort order in the card browser when editing cards (reported by Gnome and Tristan).
-Added command line options --sync-server and --web-server which starts the sync and the web server in headless mode (i.e. without a GUI) (useful to run e.g. on a NAS server).
-Fix more errors coming from loading config files (thanks to Alex Fevery for reporting this).
-Added an extra popup to guide new people better through the learning process (feedback from Bjorn Maes).
-Fix crash when exporting to cards format when Latex was not installed (reported by Gwern).
-Make card conversion more robust for badly formatted card (reported by Gnome).
-When editing a card through the browser, make sure the correct set of tags is displayed if sister cards have different tags (requested by Scott Youngman).
-Allow converting a Cloze card to a clone of a Cloze card through the browser (requested by Scott Youngman).
-Instruct people on the correct way to deal with '*.cards' files if they try to open it as a separate database (Kensor0).
-Make it clearer what 'Find duplicates' does.
-Various cosmetic fixes when importing *.cards files (reported by Ansgar Bohmann).
-Fix tag tree sometimes not updating correctly if the user adds a new tag.
-People writing e.g. Javascript card and needing access to the full path of the media directory can now use db_media:///foo.png (requested by Gnome).
-Flash files are now synced as well (reported by heldtfisken).
-When editing a card where different sister cards have different tags, ask if the tags should be applied to the current card or to all sister cards.
-Fix Windows crash when using the card browser with cards imported from Supermemo (reported by Piotr).
-Fix crash when renaming cloned card types through the card browser.
-Make Mnemosyne 1.x import more robust (reported by Jack Thro).
-Don't allow saving the database to a network drive under Windows to prevent corruption (reported by Brendan Sinclair).
-Fix sync error that could occur when adding and immediately deleting multiple sister cards from the card browser.
-Fix latex / cloze interaction corner case (reported by Daniele Parisi).
-Fix corner case of overzealous introduction of media dir in expansion (reported by Toni Alsford).
-Make sure latex images are always in sync when updating text.
-If adding an extra tag when importing a 'cards' file, don't keep the tag 'Untagged' (patch by crcmail0). If you were affected by this issue before, 'compact database' will solve this.

Mnemosyne 2.2.1 : 2013-04-15

-The premade cards from the old 1.x website have now all been converted to the
new 2.x cards format and put on the new website. This will make importing
much easier, as graphics are bundled (thanks to Patrick Kenny for the
-For txt import, a text file can now contain a fourth column which will be
mapped to the 'notes' field of a Vocabulary card.
-When editing or browsing cards, don't reset the state of the scheduler such
that you need to press 'show answer' again or such that a new card appears
(reported by Gnome).
-Remember which tags where expanded/collapsed in the tag tree (requested a.o
by Troy Guze).
-Correctly update flag 'hide pronunciation' in the popup menu (reported by
Tom Cato Amundsen).
-When merging duplicate cards, merge tags also (requested by Stephan Maseizik).
-Fix regression where all the dialogs would have generic names ('mnemosyne')
as opposed to e.g. 'Add cards'.
-Correctly format clozes in latex, e.g. [Lorentz force law]
()requested by acdenh). If you want literal [] in latex, use \left[
and \right].
-Fix crash when converting multiple cards at the same time between e.g.
Vocabulary card type and Map card type (reported by Gnome).
-No longer allow mass converting of cards to Cloze card types, as this
requires editing of the card content for each card anyhow (reported by Scott
-Fix browser crash occuring after deleting a card type which had custom
formatting (reported by Tom Zerlau).
-Unless the 'Prefill tag behaviour' plugin is active, changing card types will
never change the tag you already filled in, even if it's different from the
last used tag (reported by Gnome).
-When changing the font for '', make a more neutral choice
for default font in case currently different card types have different
fonts (reported by Gnome).
-Make sync and sync error handling more robust.
-In case you don't explicitly select a background colour, use your theme's
background colour as opposed to white for empty cards (reported by ialectum).
-The quote key to left of 1 (`) can now also be used as a short cut for grade 0
(requested by Kent Stearman).
-In the card browser, CTRL+F can be used to focus the input on the search
field (requested by abacus).
-Improve the position of dialogs popping up from the card browser,
sync window, ... .
-Fix crash pressing the 'Delete' key in the 'Activate cards' dialog (reported
by Gnome).
-When changing card types, only warn about losing history when there is actual
history present (reported by Gnome).
-In case you are not using saved sets and create a new tag whose parent is
inactive, make the new tag inactive too. (If you have a saved set active,
you'll get a dialog box asking whether you want to activate that tag or not,
just like before) (reported by Gnome).
-Fix bug in interaction between Latex system and exporting to the 'cards'
format (reported by Gwern).
-More tweaks for RTL languages like Arabic and Hebrew (bug report by
Ansgar Bohmann).
-No more superfluous empty lines for cards with RTL languages.
-When changing languagues, translate the window title immediately, instead
of after reboot.
-On a Thai system, don't use Thai numerals in the card browser if the language
is set to English (requested by Mark).
-Take time zone information into account when displaying creation date of
card in browser.
-When renaming a saved set, prefill the name field with the previous name of
the set.
-Don't reset selected plugin when importing a new plugin (reported by Gnome).
-When trying to deactivate a card type in use, show name of the card type in
the error message.
-Fix CTRL+F shortcut for inserting flash, CTRL+D for inserting video, and
CTRL+C for copying (reported by Gnome).
-Tab key now cycles through all the grade buttons (reported by Gnome).
-Fix grading shortcuts R and W for 'right' and 'wrong' in the cramming
-Backspace and delete shortcuts to delete the current card work again
(reported by Dylan Gordhan).

Mnemosyne 2.2 : 2012-12-04

-Added menu option to detect duplicates in the database.
-Made the cramming scheduler more configurable. Cards can now be studied in
random order, earliest first, lastest first or most lapses first. Also,
you have the option of whether to save the scheduler state or not when exiting
the program.
-The way the tag field is prefilled for new cards is changed. By default, the
last used tag is used, regardless of card type. If you want the pre-2.2
behaviour, where the last used tag is remembered per card type, there is a
bundled plugin you can activate.
-When exporting to the 'cards' format, the latex files are now pregenerated
and bundled (requested by Mark).
-Fix errors coming from loading config files (reported by knutflatland and
many others).
-Ported missing import file formats from 1.x: SuperMemo7 text, SuperMemo from
Palm, Cuecard WCU.
-Double-clicking on a saved set in 'Activate cards' now automatically selects
the set and closes the window (requested by Michael Campbell).
-Add "Insert Flash" option (Note: Flash needs to be installed on your system
for this to work) (requested by Gnome).
-Added support for video files under Windows (contrary to Linux, they will
play in an external window using mplayer).
-When you have both tags "A" and "A::B", the card browser will now show the
first tag as "A::Untagged".
-Javascript can now contain line breaks (reported by iBayer and gnome).
-In 'edit cards', make more robust of no longer warning about discarding
changes if you did not make any.
-Sped up deleting of large number of cards from the card browser.
-When pasting into the "Add cards" or "Edit cards" dialog, respect the
formatting of the card field.
-Be more robust against importing 1.x cards with missing information (reported
by Chris Resnik and Patrick Kenny).
-Bug fix involving notes with multiple lines with exporting cards.
-Fix bug with picture sometimes not showing when first starting the program.
-Better support for non-latin characters in sound files under Windows (reported
by Raoul Pontecaille).
-Fix crash in 'Compact database' involving too many open files (reported by
Pawel Szerszon).
-Fix situation where tag pane would be no longer visible after adding a first
saved card set.
-Changing card types and deleting cards from the card browser is now faster.
-No longer convert filenames to lower case on Windows (requested by Michael
-Fix another crash involving duplicates while converting cards (reported by
-When upgrading from 1.x on OSX, explicitly tell the user where their 1.x
data was backed up.
-Fix displaying non-latin characters in statistics (reported by Pawel Szerszon).
-Don't erase fields when cancelling a card type conversion (reported by Gnome).
-Don't allow cancelling the import metadata information dialog.
-Fix harmless error message when converting to Cloze cards in the card browser
(reported by Michael Campbell).
-Upgraded to latest version of Qt/PyQt.

Full changelog: http://www.mnemosyne-proj.org/news.php
Vote for new features: https://mnemosyne.uservoice.com
Developer's diary: https://plus.google.com/112456861177827156549


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 C++ version?

 by dave7922 on: Apr 14 2008
Score 50%

I am curious about the spaced repetition algorithm. However, I don't know Python, only know about c++. I want to implement this algorithm in my application. Any suggestion, or source code (c++) on spaced repetition algorithm?

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 Re: C++ version?

 by pbienst on: Apr 14 2008
Score 50%

See here:



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