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Qt Video Application

Score 75%



Homepage:  Link
Minimum required   Qt 4.x
Downloads:  6727
Submitted:  Aug 14 2012
Updated:  Apr 23 2016


QMPlay2 - Qt Media Player 2

QMPlay2 is a video and audio player. It can play all formats supported by FFmpeg, libmodplug (including J2B and SFX). It also supports Audio CD, raw files, Rayman 2 music and chiptunes. It contains YouTube and Prostopleer browser.

If you want to watch YouTube videos and use "youtube-dl", watch this video: http://zaps166.sf.net/downloads/QMPlay2_youtube-dl.mp4

Easy installation on Arch Linux / Manjaro Linux (from AUR)
$ yaourt -S qmplay2

Easy installation on openSUSE 13.2:
$ sudo zypper ar http://packman.inode.at/suse/openSUSE_13.2 Packman
$ sudo zypper in QMPlay2 QMPlay2-kde-integration

Compilation from sources, you need (devel packages):

- Qt4 or Qt5 (including QtOpenGL*, OpenSSL for https, QtDBus on Linux/BSD and QX11Extras for Qt5),
- FFmpeg >= 2.2 (libavcodec, libavformat, libavutil, libswscale, libswresample or libavresample**, libavdevice***, OpenSSL for https),
- portaudio (default on non-Linux OS, if you want to compile portaudio module on Linux, change "src/modules/modules.pro"),
- pulseaudio (optional, if you don't want to compile pulseaudio on Linux, remove it from "src/modules/modules.pro"),
- taglib >= 1.7 (>= 1.9 recommended) (you can disable it in "src/gui/gui.pro"),
- libgme and libsidplayfp - for Chiptune module,
- libva (vaapi) and libvdpau - only on X11,
- libasound (for ALSA module on Linux),
- DirectDraw SDK - only on Windows,
- libcdio and libcddb,
- libxv - only on X11,
- libass.

*QtOpenGL is not used on Qt >= 5.6,
**libavresample: uncomment last eight lines in "src/qmplay2/qmplay2.pro",
***libavdevice: only Linux.

Windows (Cross-compile):

- Install all required MinGW packages (I recommend Arch Linux unofficial MinGW repository).
- Some libraries are incompatible, uses unneeded libraries or doesn't exists in repository - you must built them on your own.
- Notice that QMPlay2 uses static linking for some libraries.
- Run "./compile_win_cross".

Other information

- You can also compile it on Windows, but you must build toolchain for your own!
- I'm using my own PKGBUILDs for many MinGW libraries.
- Visual Studio can't compile QMPlay2.


- Install all dependencies using package manager (in devel version) or compile it from sources.
- If you want to compile with qt suffix (for example "qmake-qt5") - "export QT_SUFFIX=-qt5".
- Qt5 is used by default since Qt 5.6.1 version.
- Compilation only:
* If you want to prepare *.desktop files for system use - "export SYSTEM_BUILD=1".
* Run "./compile_unix".
* QMPlay2 is in "app" directory, you can move its contents into "/usr" directory if "$SYSTEM_BUILD == 1".
- Compilation and installation:
* Run "./installer_unix install" (it compiles and uses "sudo" to copy files to "/usr").
* If you want to uninstall, run "./installer_unix uninstall" (it also uses "sudo").


- Download and install Xcode.
- Download and install the newest Qt for Mac.
- Download, compile and install "pkg-config".
- Download and install CMake for Mac (for taglib).
- Download, compile and install all dependencies from sources.
- Add directory containing "qmake" to "PATH".
- Run "./compile_mac n" where "n" is number of threads (4 by default).

Building package RPM, DEB or any other
- Look at "installer_unix" script or Arch Linux PKGBUILD: https://aur.archlinux.org/cgit/aur.git/tree/?h=qmplay2-git
- QMPlay2 sometimes uses the external software - "youtube-dl", so it should be added as optional package.
- QMPlay2 has non-standard MIME types in "src/gui/Unix/x-*.xml", so they should be registered during installing from package.


Changes in QMPlay2 build 16.04.23:
- VDPAU decoder without VDPAU writer is now available (disabled by default),
- added spherical view for video playback (Ctrl+3; OpenGL only),
- added Simplified Chinese translation (king Lee),
- move video filtering to separate thread,
- added Yadif deinterlacing filter,
- better frame skipping,
- replay gain fixes,
- bugfix,

Changes in QMPlay2 build 16.03.24:
- XVideo SHM and OpenGL2(Qt >= 5.6) bugfix,
- Bob deint bugfix for odd video height/2,

Changes in QMPlay2 build 16.03.11:
- update Russian translation (victorr2007),
- update ProstoPleer address,

Changes in QMPlay2 build 16.03.07:
- feature: suspend the computer after playback is finished,
- fix VA-API driver Intel >= 1.6.2 video filtering,
- fix slow seeking on some slow network streams,
- zero-copy demuxing and decoding (if possible),
- updated Russian translation (victorr2007),
- 90°/270° video rotation (OpenGL only),
- visualization and VDPAU/DDraw bugfix,
- feature: A-B Repeat,
- OpenGL 2 bugfix,

Changes in QMPlay2 build 16.02.08:
- play multiple streams in FFmpeg, YouTube can play different audio/video streams together,
- move ungrouped playlist entry to the end of the playlist when the file already exists,
- QOpenGLWindow and QOpenGLWidget are used instead of QGLWidget in Qt5 >= 5.6,
- FFmpeg module can play e.g. v4l2 on Linux/BSD (needs special address),
- display icons on playlist for AudioCD and Chiptines,
- updated German translation (Daniel Meiß-Wilhelm),
- added Spanish translation (Pedro Álamo),
- VDPAU and DirectDraw overlay fixes,
- English is now default language,
- bugfix,

Changes in QMPlay2 build 15.12.25:
- KF5 Breeze style fixes in full screen,
- Qt5 older than 5.2 compilation fixes,
- OpenGL 2 bugfix,

Changes in QMPlay2 build 15.12.06:
- support for HEVC, VP8 and VP9 decoding in VA-API (depending on FFmpeg version),
- setting priorities of decoders and A/V outputs is now more convenient,
- improve QOpenGLWidget performance (Qt5 only, not used by default),
- support for HEVC decoding in VDPAU (depending on FFmpeg version),
- simple visualization shows RMS of displayed signal in side bars,
- fixes in AudioCD module, so any tracks must be added again,
- falling horizontal lines behave better in visualizations,
- play next entry after playback error (as default),
- removed console for Windows,
- added chiptune playback,
- fix decoding Bink Video,
- bugfix,

Changes in QMPlay2 build 15.10.18:
- new OpenGL 2 module (with OpenGL|ES 2.0 support) replaces the old OpenGL module,
- due to new libass 0.13.0, FontConfig is used only on 32-bit Windows XP,
- correct display information about buffered time and size,
- DirectDraw improvements,
- many minor fixes,

Changes in QMPlay2 build 15.10.03:
- user can hide menu bar by pressing Alt+Ctrl+M or from "Widgets" context menu,
- minimum and maximum frequency in equalizer can be changed,
- basic WebVTT subtitles support (SRT module),
- added preamp and dB tooltip to equalizer,
- fixed possible deadlock in AudioCD,
- small bugfix,

Changes in QMPlay2 build 15.08.12:
- deinterlacing fixes in VAApi,
- minor fixes for Windows,
- MPRIS2 bugfix,

Changes in QMPlay2 build 15.07.13:
- fixed problem from previous release with playing video (sometimes video plays at maximum speed),

Changes in QMPlay2 build 15.07.12:
- keyboard shortcut (Shift+L) for locking widgets,
- fixed seeking by searching key frames in buffer,
- aspect ratio is now correctly updated,
- fixed playback in live streams,
- small fixes in video playback,
- VAApi bugfix,

Changes in QMPlay2 build 15.06.26:
- better VSync support for OpenGL video output,
- OpenSLES audio output (for Android),
- basic OS X support,
- minor bug fixes,

Source(Source code)
MS Windows(Windows 64bit)
MS Windows(Windows 32bit)
Gentoo(Gentoo Linux)
SUSE(Suse Linux)
Source(GIT source code)
(Experimental build for Android ARMv7)
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 Great application runs fine under pclinuxos

 by kellerleiche on: Dec 29 2015
Score 50%

Congratulations for this fine application...

German languages are updated so far :)
Daniel Meiß-Wilhelm

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 Re: Great application runs fine under pclinuxos

 by zaps166 on: Feb 9 2016
Score 50%

Thanks :)

About translation - now the QMPlay2 source code has English strings, so it will be easier to translate the GUI!

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 Loop a section of a video/audio file

 by Orgonster on: Feb 9 2016
Score 50%

Hi zaps166,

How can I Loop a section of a video/audio file on QMPlay2?
How to start, how to end, and to repet it?

All the best for You.

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 Re: Loop a section of a video/audio file

 by zaps166 on: Feb 10 2016
Score 50%

You can only loop a file, group or entire playlist. You can do it in "Player->Repeat" menu.

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 Re: Re: Loop a section of a video/audio file

 by Orgonster on: Feb 10 2016
Score 50%

Yes, I know that, but maybe you should do it for single video. For example:

That is my sugestion....


A-B Repeat.
Start AB Repeat "["
End AB Repeat "]"
Undo Start AB Repeat "Shift+["
Undo End AB Repeat "Shift+]"

Your player QMPlay2 is the best I ever seen!

Please, do it loop to repeat sections on single video.
Thanks in advance...!

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 Re: Re: Re: Loop a section of a video/audio file

 by zaps166 on: Feb 12 2016
Score 50%


I'll think about this. I've never used A-B repeat before (maybe once to look what is it many years ago :D). "[" and "]" are used for speed-up and slow-down playback.

What is the real use case of this?

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Loop a section of a video/audio fi

 by Orgonster on: Feb 12 2016
Score 50%

Ok, I will explain you that...

I have no TV here in Serbia, I just follow internet, and I like to listen our Serbian patriotic intellectuals on you tube video clips (they have no access оn serbian state television), because our Serbian politician are the great liars and traitors. I can find the truth only in internet. That's way I need loop function to repeat sections on single video with conversation of our intellectuals, to write his words and thoughts in notepad, and if you will develop loop function for repetition on your video player single video clip, it would bu great, not only for me, many people need this ability for video players.

Also, it would be very nice if you will create video preview thumbnails, and I suggest you also to create video preview thumbnails on yours QMPlay2 payer's progress bar, like in this screenshot below:

By the way, is it possible to be visible our serbian cyrillic in subtitles on your player?

Something like this:
"Српски политичари су велики лажови и издајице.."

All the best for you and yout Polish nation...!

Небојша, Србија

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Loop a section of a video/audi

 by zaps166 on: Feb 13 2016
Score 50%


That makes sense, but it is not easy to implement in current QMPlay2 state especially for streamed video. I'll try to do something with this later...

Please write me an e-mail for more information :)

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Loop a section of a video/

 by Orgonster on: Feb 13 2016
Score 50%

Ok thanks...!

I am glad you will do something about my suggestions, when you have time of course.
I have sent you e-mail as you ask.

All the best.


 How to build Release with debug info

 by martinkg3 on: Mar 11 2016
Score 50%

I created a rpm Package for Fedora, but the binary debug package contains no debug information.

rpmlint -i /home/martin/rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64/qmplay2-debuginfo-16.03.08-1.fc24.x86_64.rpm
qmplay2-debuginfo.x86_64: E: debuginfo-without-sources
This debuginfo package appears to contain debug symbols but no source files.
This is often a sign of binaries being unexpectedly stripped too early during
the build, or being compiled without compiler debug flags (which again often
is a sign of distro's default compiler flags ignored which might have security
consequences), or other compiler flags which result in rpmbuild's debuginfo
extraction not working as expected. Verify that the binaries are not
unexpectedly stripped and that the intended compiler flags are used.

1 packages and 0 specfiles checked; 1 errors, 0 warnings.

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 Re: How to build Release with debug info

 by zaps166 on: Mar 11 2016
Score 50%

I've never created rpm packages, especially debug packages.

Hmm, write an email.

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 best media player ever

 by vinnywright on: Apr 6 2016
Score 50%

I love this player I have it on Kubuntu-14.04 that I added @samrog's PPA to , to get it ,,,,but he has taken the PPA down :(

So I just made it on Kubuntu-16.04 by "git clone" ,,,,story @hear https://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?69883-QMplay2&p=385829&viewfull=1#post385829

working great ,,,, a big thank you for such a fine app/player :)


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 by Orenaudot on: Apr 6 2016
Score 50%
Voyance gratuite immédiate

I like this app !

Passionnée par la voyance gratuite immédiate ( http://voyance-gratuite-immediate.net ), je mintéresse sur tout ce qui concerne à lésotérisme.
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