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   16.02.08  Updated

Qt Video Application

Score 75%



Homepage:  Link
Minimum required   Qt 4.x
Downloads:  6151
Submitted:  Aug 14 2012
Updated:  12 hours ago


QMPlay2 - Qt Media Player 2

QMPlay2 is a video and audio player. It can play all formats supported by FFmpeg, libmodplug (including J2B and SFX). It also supports Audio CD, raw files, Rayman 2 music and chiptunes. It contains YouTube and Prostopleer browser.

If you want to watch YouTube videos and use "youtube-dl", watch this video: http://zaps166.sf.net/downloads/QMPlay2_youtube-dl.mp4

Easy installation on Arch Linux / Manjaro Linux (from AUR)
$ yaourt -S qmplay2

Easy installation on openSUSE 13.2:
$ sudo zypper ar http://packman.inode.at/suse/openSUSE_13.2 Packman
$ sudo zypper in QMPlay2 QMPlay2-kde-integration

Compilation from sources, you need (devel packages):

- Qt4 or Qt5 (including QtOpenGL*, OpenSSL for https, QtDBus on Linux/BSD and QX11Extras for Qt5),
- FFmpeg >= 2.2 (libavcodec, libavformat, libavutil, libswscale, libswresample or libavresample*, OpenSSL for https),
- portaudio (default on non-Linux OS, if you want to compile portaudio module on Linux, change "src/modules/modules.pro"),
- pulseaudio (optional, if you don't want to compile pulseaudio on Linux, remove it from "src/modules/modules.pro"),
- taglib >= 1.7 (>= 1.9 recommended) (you can disable it in "src/gui/gui.pro"),
- libgme and libsidplayfp - for Chiptune module,
- libva (vaapi) and libvdpau - only on X11,
- libasound (for ALSA module on Linux),
- DirectDraw SDK - only on Windows,
- libcdio and libcddb,
- libxv - only on X11,
- libass.

*QtOpenGL is not used on Qt >= 5.6,
**libavresample: uncomment last eight lines in "src/qmplay2/qmplay2.pro"

Windows (Cross-compile):

- Install all required MinGW packages (I recommend Arch Linux unofficial MinGW repository).
- Some libraries are incompatible, uses unneeded libraries or doesn't exists in repository - you must built them on your own.
- Notice that QMPlay2 uses static linking for some libraries.
- Run "./compile_win_cross".

Other information

- You can also compile it on Windows, but you must build toolchain for your own!
- I'm using my own PKGBUILDs for many MinGW libraries.
- Visual Studio can't compile QMPlay2.


- Install all dependencies using package manager (in devel version) or compile it from sources.
- If you want to compile with qt suffix (for example "qmake-qt5") - "export QT_SUFFIX=-qt5".
- Compilation only:
* If you don't want to open Xterm or Konsole - "export NOTERM=1".
* If you want to prepare *.desktop files for system use - "export SYSTEM_BUILD=1".
* Run "./compile_unix".
* QMPlay2 is in "app" directory, you can move its contents into "/usr" directory if "$SYSTEM_BUILD == 1".
- Compilation and installation:
* Run "./installer_unix install" (it compiles and uses "sudo" to copy files to "/usr").
* If you want to uninstall, run "./installer_unix uninstall" (it also uses "sudo").


- Download and install Xcode.
- Download and install the newest Qt for Mac.
- Download, compile and install "pkg-config".
- Download and install CMake for Mac (for taglib).
- Download, compile and install all dependencies from sources.
- Add directory containing "qmake" to "PATH".
- Run "./compile_mac n" where "n" is number of threads (4 by default).

Building package RPM, DEB or any other
- Look at "installer_unix" script or Arch Linux PKGBUILD: https://aur.archlinux.org/cgit/aur.git/tree/?h=qmplay2-git
- QMPlay2 sometimes uses the external software - "youtube-dl", so it should be added as optional package.
- QMPlay2 has non-standard MIME types in "src/gui/Unix/x-*.xml", so they should be registered during installing from package.


Changes in QMPlay2 build 16.02.08:
- play multiple streams in FFmpeg, YouTube can play different audio/video streams together,
- move ungrouped playlist entry to the end of the playlist when the file already exists,
- QOpenGLWindow and QOpenGLWidget are used instead of QGLWidget in Qt5 >= 5.6,
- FFmpeg module can play e.g. v4l2 on Linux/BSD (needs special address),
- display icons on playlist for AudioCD and Chiptines,
- updated German translation (Daniel Meiß-Wilhelm),
- added Spanish translation (Pedro Álamo),
- VDPAU and DirectDraw overlay fixes,
- English is now default language,
- bugfix,

Changes in QMPlay2 build 15.12.25:
- KF5 Breeze style fixes in full screen,
- Qt5 older than 5.2 compilation fixes,
- OpenGL 2 bugfix,

Changes in QMPlay2 build 15.12.06:
- support for HEVC, VP8 and VP9 decoding in VA-API (depending on FFmpeg version),
- setting priorities of decoders and A/V outputs is now more convenient,
- improve QOpenGLWidget performance (Qt5 only, not used by default),
- support for HEVC decoding in VDPAU (depending on FFmpeg version),
- simple visualization shows RMS of displayed signal in side bars,
- fixes in AudioCD module, so any tracks must be added again,
- falling horizontal lines behave better in visualizations,
- play next entry after playback error (as default),
- removed console for Windows,
- added chiptune playback,
- fix decoding Bink Video,
- bugfix,

Changes in QMPlay2 build 15.10.18:
- new OpenGL 2 module (with OpenGL|ES 2.0 support) replaces the old OpenGL module,
- due to new libass 0.13.0, FontConfig is used only on 32-bit Windows XP,
- correct display information about buffered time and size,
- DirectDraw improvements,
- many minor fixes,

Changes in QMPlay2 build 15.10.03:
- user can hide menu bar by pressing Alt+Ctrl+M or from "Widgets" context menu,
- minimum and maximum frequency in equalizer can be changed,
- basic WebVTT subtitles support (SRT module),
- added preamp and dB tooltip to equalizer,
- fixed possible deadlock in AudioCD,
- small bugfix,

Changes in QMPlay2 build 15.08.12:
- deinterlacing fixes in VAApi,
- minor fixes for Windows,
- MPRIS2 bugfix,

Changes in QMPlay2 build 15.07.13:
- fixed problem from previous release with playing video (sometimes video plays at maximum speed),

Changes in QMPlay2 build 15.07.12:
- keyboard shortcut (Shift+L) for locking widgets,
- fixed seeking by searching key frames in buffer,
- aspect ratio is now correctly updated,
- fixed playback in live streams,
- small fixes in video playback,
- VAApi bugfix,

Changes in QMPlay2 build 15.06.26:
- better VSync support for OpenGL video output,
- OpenSLES audio output (for Android),
- basic OS X support,
- minor bug fixes,

Source(Source code)
MS Windows(Windows 64bit)
MS Windows(Windows 32bit)
Gentoo(Gentoo Linux)
SUSE(Suse Linux)
Source(GIT source code)
(Experimental build for Android ARMv7)
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 Great application runs fine under pclinuxos

 by kellerleiche on: Dec 29 2015
Score 50%

Congratulations for this fine application...

German languages are updated so far :)
Daniel Meiß-Wilhelm

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 Re: Great application runs fine under pclinuxos

 by zaps166 on: 2 hours ago
Score 50%

Thanks :)

About translation - now the QMPlay2 source code has English strings, so it will be easier to translate the GUI!

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