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Qt Education

Score 63%



Minimum required   Qt 4.x
Downloads:  403
Submitted:  Sep 25 2009
Updated:  Apr 14 2011


Qonjugator is software which allows the user to conjugate verbs in different languages. Its components are:

  • a library which loads the conjugation plugins for the different languages and which does the actual conjugation;

  • a GUI in which the user can conjugate verbs, the GUI uses the library;

  • a CLI application;

  • different plugins for each language that conjugate verbs for these languages, currently plugins are included for French, Spanish and Italian;

  • a plasmoid that can be used in KDE 4.x or later (this requires of course that KDE 4.x is installed);

  • a QML application.

  • To install Qonjugator, Qt 4.x (and its development packages) must be installed. If you don't want to compile the plasmoid, this is sufficient. If you want to install also the plasmoid, KDE 4.x must be installed. If you want to compile the QML version, Qt 4.7.0 or higher is required. I have compiled Qonjugator and its plasmoid successfully with Qt 4.5.0 and KDE 4.3.0 (and the latest version with Qt 4.6.2 and KDE 4.4.2).

    Any help improving Qonjugator is welcome! I am especially looking for coders who are willing to develop a plugin for any language which is not yet (fully) implemented.


    v0.17 2011-04-13
    - add QML version
    - add a very incomplete Latin plugin (coders wanted!)
    - remove bug: the Italian plugin crashes when entering verbs for which the ending is not are, ere, ire or rre

    v0.16.3 2010-05-20
    - correct conjugation of essere (Italian)

    v0.16.2 2010-05-12
    - add Czech translation for the Italian plugin (by Pavel Fric)
    - remove bug: plasmoid crashes when no plugins are found
    - remove bug: list of plugins is not updated in the plasmoid when the paths to the plugin directories are changed in the config dialog

    v0.16.1 2010-05-11
    - update Czech translation of the GUI and add Czech translation for the Spanish and French plugins (by Pavel Fric)

    v0.16 2010-03-25
    - add support for multi-column table output
    - fix bug in CMakeLists.txt files which prevented the plugins to be installed in the correct place if the values in the ConfigureCustom.cmake files are hidden
    - automatically install the library and the plugins in ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/lib64 if we are on a 64 bit architecture and if such directory exists
    - use icons from desktop theme in KDE

    v0.15.1 2009-11-12
    - add Czech translation (by Pavel Fric)
    - remove crash on exit
    - remove bug: when no conjugation plugins are initially found and the
    user changes the paths to the plugin directories in the config dialog
    and the plugins are now found, if then the user selects a recent verb
    from the history menu, then the wrong plugin is used (although it is
    set correctly in the combo box)
    - if the same verb is conjugated in two different languages, then for
    both languages there will be an entry in the History menu (e.g. dormir
    exists in French and Spanish)
    - corrected conjugation of envoyer and renvoyer
    - remove compilation bug of the GUI on Mandriva (and maybe also some
    other systems) by explicitely adding the build output directory to

    Mandriva(Mandriva i586 RPM)
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     Disable Plasmoid

     by gohanz on: Nov 16 2009
    Score 50%

    On my Slackware 13.0 with KDE-4.2.4 i have a problem with Plasmoid compilation.
    How can i disable the Plasmoid compilation with cmake?
    Many thanks in advance.

    [ 97%] Building CXX object plasma-applet-qonjugator/CMakeFiles/plasma_applet_qonjugator.dir/qonjugatorapplet.o
    /root/Downloads/qonjugator-0.15.1/plasma-applet-qonjugator/qonjugatorapplet.cpp:38:30: error: Plasma/TextBrowser: No such file or directory
    /root/Downloads/qonjugator-0.15.1/plasma-applet-qonjugator/qonjugatorapplet.cpp: In member function ‘virtual QGraphicsWidget* QonjugatorApplet::graphicsWidget()’:

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     Re: Disable Plasmoid

     by glad on: Nov 17 2009
    Score 50%

    In the CMakeList.txt of the root directory of the project, hide the lines:

    find_package(KDE4 REQUIRED)

    The file Plasma/TextBrowser is available only since KDE 4.3.

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     Re: Re: Disable Plasmoid

     by glad on: Nov 17 2009
    Score 50%

    The root directory of the project is in your case: /root/Downloads/qonjugator-0.15.1/

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     Re: Re: Re: Disable Plasmoid

     by gohanz on: Nov 18 2009
    Score 50%

    Many thanks for help!

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     Install plasma widget

     by rusconi on: May 9 2010
    Score 50%


    after having successfully compiled and installed the software (in /usr), how do I install the plasma widget ?

    Thank you

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     Re: Install plasma widget

     by glad on: May 10 2010
    Score 50%

    You can only install the plasmoid when you build with cmake as explained in INSTALL. The plasmoid is then installed automatically in the correct place. After install you have to wait a little bit or run kbuildsycoca4 or restart plasma to view the item "Conjugator" in the "Add Plasma Widget" list.

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     plasma widget

     by rusconi on: May 10 2010
    Score 50%

    After install you have to wait a little bit or run kbuildsycoca4 or restart plasma to view the item "Conjugator" in the "Add Plasma Widget" list.

    Thanks, that was it. I now use qonjugator as a plasma applet. Thanks for that fine piece of software !

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     license question

     by rusconi on: Apr 16 2011
    Score 50%


    I am seeing that the tmp subdirectory contains material under the GPL license V2. But the main source tree seems to be under GPL v3+.

    Can you explain, or is that an error ?

    Thank you


    PS this is because I intend to package qonjugator for Debian GNU/Linux and I would like to be clear with the license of the project.

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     Packages for Mageia 64bit

     by dglent on: Aug 13 2012
    Score 50%

    Here are the rpm for Mageia:


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     Cannot run after compile in mageia 3

     by dglent on: Jul 7 2013
    Score 50%

    I compiled qonjugator in mageia 3 and i am not able to launch it any more.
    I have the error "Segmentation fault"
    In gdb i have this output:
    Starting program: /usr/bin/qonjugator
    [Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
    Using host libthread_db library "/lib64/libthread_db.so.1".

    Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
    __strlen_sse2 () at ../sysdeps/x86_64/strlen.S:31
    31 movdqu (%rdi), %xmm1
    And the log of the compile:

    Is any other information that would be more usefull ?

    Thanks in advance

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