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Qt Sound Application

Score 52%

Link:  Link
Depends on  Qt 4.x
Downloads:  1634
Submitted:  Nov 25 2010
Updated:  Apr 2 2014


QT application based on crossplatform library for playing different chiptune modules.

Input formats:

- AY (Compliled data in native format)
- AS0/ASC (ASC Sound Master 0.xx/1.xx-2.xx modules)
- FTC (Fast Tracker 1.xx modules)
- GTR (Global Tracker 1.xx modules)
- PSC (Pro Sound Creator 1.xx modules)
- PSG (Stream format)
- PSM (ProSoundMaker module)
- PT1 (ProTracker v1 modules)
- PT2 (ProTracker v2 modules)
- PT3 (ProTracker v3 modules)
- SQT (SQ-Tracker compiled modules)
- ST1 (SoundTracker uncompiled modules)
- ST3 (SoundTracker v3.x compiled modules)
- STC (SoundTracker compiled modules)
- STP (SoundTrackerPro modules)
- TXT (VortexTracker modules)
- TurboSound (Container and PT3.7-based)
- VTX (Vortex Project by V_Soft modules)
- YM (StSound? Project by Leonard/Oxygen modules)
- CHI (ChipTracker modules)
- DMM (DigitalMusicMaker modules)
- DST (DigitalStudio modules)
- PDT (ProDigiTracker modules)
- SQD (SQ Digital Tracker modules)
- STR (SampleTracker modules)
- 669 (Composer 669 modules)
- AMF (DSMI Advanced Module Format modules)
- AMF (Asylum Music Format modules)
- DBM (DigiBooster Pro modules)
- DBM (DIGI Booster modules)
- DMF (X-Tracker modules)
- DTM (Digital Tracker modules)
- DTT (Desktop Tracker modules)
- EMOD (Quadra Composer modules)
- FAR (Farandole Composer modules)
- FNK (Funktracker modules)
- GDM (Generic Digital Music modules)
- GTK (Graoumf Tracker modules)
- MOD (His Master's Noise modules)
- MTN (Soundtracker/Ice Tracker modules)
- IMF (Imago Orpheus modules)
- IMS (Images Music System modules)
- IT (Impulse Tracker modules)
- LIQ (Liquid Tracker modules)
- PSM (Epic MegaGames MASI modules)
- MDL (Digitrakker modules)
- MED (MED/OctaMED modules)
- MOD (Protracker modules)
- MTM (Multitracker modules)
- OKT (Oktalyzer modules)
- PSM (Protracker Studio modules)
- PT36 (Protracker 3 modules)
- PTM (Poly Tracker modules)
- RTM (Real Tracker modules)
- S3M (Scream Tracker 3 modules)
- SFX (SoundFX modules)
- MOD (Soundtracker modules)
- STIM (Slamtilt modules)
- STM (Scream Tracker 2 modules)
- STX (STMIK modules)
- TCB (TCB Tracker modules)
- ULT (Ultra Tracker modules)
- XM (Fast Tracker II modules)
- TF0/TFE (TFM Music Maker modules)
- TFC (TurboFM Compiled)
- TFD (TurboFM Dump)
- COP (E-Tracker)
- CHARPRES (CharPres packer)
- CC3 (Code Cruncher v3)
- CC4 (Compressor Code v4 & v4+)
- DSQ (DataSquieezer)
- ESV (ESV Cruncher)
- GAM (GamePacker v1 & v1+)
- HRUM (Hrum)
- HRUST1 (Hrust 1.x)
- HRUST2 (Hrust 2.x)
- LZH (LZH Packer v1 & v2)
- LZS (LZS Packer)
- MegaLZ (MegaLZ packer)
- MSP (MicroSpace Packer)
- PACK2 (Pack v2)
- PCD (Powerfull Code Decreaser v6.1 & -v6.2)
- TLZ (Turbo-LZ usual and protected versions)
- TRUSH (Trush packer)
- FDI (Full Disk Image format)
- HOBETA (Single file container)
- HRIP (HRiP archive format)
- LHA (LHA archives)
- RAR (RAR archives)
- RAW (Data scaner)
- SNA128 (Snapshots format)
- SCL (Multifile container)
- TD0 (TeleDisk image)
- TRD (TRDos disk image)
- ZIP (ZIP archives)
- Z80 (Snapshots format)
- ZXSTATE (Snapshots format)
- ZXZIP (ZxZip)

Output subsystems:
- ALSA (linux)
- AYLPT (win32- via dlportio driver)
- DirectSound (win32)
- NULL writer (crossplatform, benchmark)
- OSS (linux)
- SDL (crossplatform, disabled by default)
- WAV writer (crossplatform)
- WaveOutput (win32)
- MP3 (crossplatform)
- OGG (crossplatform)
- FLAC (crossplatform)


ZXTune library and distributed applications changelog.

[+] - new feature
[-] - removed feature/rudiment
[*] - fix/improvement

--- Rev3000 from 03.04.2014

[+] Support MOS6581/SID playback (PSID/RSID formats) using libsidplayfp library
[+] Supported https scheme for network sources
[*] Fixes in AS0/ASC playback of some modules
[*] Fixed playback of incorrect YM5 files
[*] Fixed different note tables support in TurboSound containers
[*] Fixed playback of some AY modules
[*] Distribute msvc CRT for windows builds (msvcp120.dll, msvcr120.dll)
[+] zxtune-android: support High Voltage SID Collection via http://www.tld-crew.de
[+] zxtune-android: support multitrack AY and SID files
[+] zxtune-android,zxtune-qt: support 3.5 MHz AY/YM preset
[*] zxtune-android: fixed sequence/loop mode saving on some devices
[+] zxtune-android: fixed multiple crashes reported by GooglePlay channel
[*] zxtune-qt: fixed some parameters reset after language change

--- Rev2880 from 26.12.2013

[*] Fixed SAA playback for some platforms
[*] Improved detection of STIM (SlamTilt) tracks
[+] zxtune-android: support ModLand chiptunes collection via exotica.org.uk catalogue and ftp.amigascne.org mirror
[*] zxtune-android: fixed crash on unknown size files downloading from network
[*] zxtune-android: fixed browse progress cancelation on current directory change

--- Rev2850 from 19.12.2013

[*] Fixed IMS and MOD formats detection

--- Rev2820 from 16.12.2013

[+] Support of S3M modules without synthesized samples
[*] zxtune-android: updated about dialog

--- Rev2800 from 11.12.2013

[+] Support more than 40 chiptune formats via libxmp library
[*] zxtune-android: fix crash on invalid playlist item load
[*] zxtune-android: skip invalid playlist items
[*] zxtune-android: use locale-independent vfs paths
[*] zxtune-android: rewind finished modules
[*] zxtune-android: back button acts like move up in browser pane
[*] zxtune-qt: disable loop flag for conversion
[*] zxtune-qt: improve responsiveness of progress-related operations
[*] zxtune-qt: progress for playlists loading
[*] zxtune-qt: fix crash on playlist/program close while asynchronous operation(s) in progress

--- Rev2742 from 09.12.2013

[*] Fixed crashes in DMM parsing
[*] Skip invalid files in LHA archives
[*] zxtune-qt: human-readable data size in playlist statistic
[*] zxtune-qt: use text instead of type icons
[+] zxtune-android: playlist items reordering
[*] zxtune-android: disable looped and shuffled playback of single playlist files
[+] zxtune-android: plugins information in About dialog

--- Rev2718 from 19.11.2013

[+] zxtune-android: toast messages for scan service events
[+] zxtune-android: save whole playlist and selected items
[*] zxtune-android: fix network access for old platforms
[*] zxtune-android: skip invalid directories while recursive scan
[*] zxtune-android: rework layout

--- Rev2705 from 05.11.2013

[*] Fixed files auto-renaming while export/convert.
[*] Fixed AS0/ASC playback
[*] xtractor: fixes in scanning engine
[*] xtractor: supported TurboSound containers
[+] xtractor: supported graphic images exctracting
[+] xtractor: supported ASC Screen Crusher
[+] xtractor: supported LaserCompact 4.0
[+] xtractor: supported LaserCompact 5.2
[+] zxtune-android: fast scroll for playlist and browser
[+] zxtune-android: selection mode for playlist
[+] zxtune-android: action for adding now playing file to playlist
[+] zxtune-android: xxhdpi resolution support
[+] zxtune-android: playlist loop and random playback
[+] zxtune-android: looped modules playback
[+] zxtune-android: sliding panes navigation bar
[+] zxtune-android: adding/playback of single .xspf playlist file
[+] zxtune-android: adding/playback of single .ayl playlist file
[*] zxtune-android: fixed working on older versions
[*] zxtune-android: fixed crash on non-playable item play
[*] zxtune-android: updated launcher icon and other graphics
[*] zxtune-android: minimal supported version is 2.3.5 (API v10)
[*] zxtune-android: fixed crash on invalid content scan
[*] zxtune-android: fixed database connection leak for http://zxtunes.com provider
[*] zxtune-android: improved network error diagnistics in case of network absence
[*] zxtune-android: fixed browser breadcrumbs disappearing on orientation change

--- Rev2652 from 15.10.2013

[*] Fixed TRUSH packed blocks processing with non-standard depacker
[+] xtractor: new experimental scanner
[+] xtractor: full archives and chiptunes set support (except TurboSound containers)
[+] zxtune-android: http://zxtunes.com catalog support
[+] zxtune-android: CPU lock while scanning service work
[*] zxtune-android: improved scanning service runtime statistic
[*] zxtune-android: reduced UI hangs on playback operations
[*] zxtune-android: improved errors processing in file browser
[*] zxtune-android: human-readable objects sizes in file browser

--- Rev2635 from 01.10.2013

[*] Reduced delay on tracks switch
[*] Improved error processing in DirectSound backend
[*] Improved detection of small-sized chiptunes
[*] Memory corruption fixes in unrar library
[*] Speedup solid RAR files processing
[*] Fixed GTR size detection
[*] Fixed lower bound of DAC samples frequency (applicable for DST)
[*] zxtune-qt: fixed crash for small files embedding to playlist
[+] zxtune-android: selection mode in browser
[+] zxtune-android: folders scanning service with status notification
[+] zxtune-android: clear playlist action
[+] zxtune-android: added About dialog
[*] zxtune-android: precise playlist/browser state saving on rotate
[*] zxtune-android: separate playlist page for medium and smaller sizes
[*] zxtune-android: improved headset buttons control

See full changelog in distributed files.

MS Windows(zxtune win32 (rev3000))
MS Windows(zxtune win64 (rev3000))
other(zxtune linux (rev2850))
other(zxtune linux64 (rev2850))
other(zxtune dingux mipsel (rev2850))
Source(Check out sources)
Ubuntu(zxtune ubuntu32 (rev2850))
Ubuntu(zxtune ubuntu64 (rev2850))
Arch(zxtune archlinux32 (rev2850))
Arch(zxtune archlinux64 (rev2850))
Red Hat(zxtune redhat32 (rev2850))
Red Hat(zxtune redhat64 (rev2850))
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 Link to source

 by glad on: Mar 3 2011
Score 50%

Please add a link to the source code.

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 Re: Link to source

 by Vitamin on: Mar 4 2011
Score 50%

How can I do this? I haven't found any option.

With best wishes

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 Re: Re: Link to source

 by glad on: Mar 7 2011
Score 50%

Add a tar or zip file of the source code on your google page and add a link to it on this page like you did for the binary packages. Alternatively, adding a link to http://code.google.com/p/zxtune/source/checkout is also acceptable.

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 Re: Re: Re: Link to source

 by Vitamin on: Mar 8 2011
Score 50%

I'm only managed to add link in downloads section. So it's added without any 'target' or 'rel' attributes and requires 3 seconds before redirection to page. Is it acceptable?

With best wishes

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Link to source

 by glad on: Mar 8 2011
Score 50%


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 by gwljap on: Aug 16 2011
Score 38%

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Score 38%

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