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Qt Other Utility

Score 71%



Homepage:  Link
Minimum required   Qt 4.x
Downloads:  1328
Submitted:  May 3 2009
Updated:  Jan 1 2012


This project is continued from kde-apps.org. Since it was re-written for pure Qt4, its place is here I guess. On kde-apps.org, the project reached 3694 downloads before being transferred to qt-apps.org.

KLatexFormula is an easy-to-use graphical user interface
for generating images (that you can drag and drop, copy and paste or save to disk) from LaTeX equations.

Comprehensive download and install instructions can be found here: http://klatexformula.sourceforge.net/klfwiki/index.php/User_Manual:Downloading_&_Installing

The program has two modes, shrinked and expanded mode. Shrinked mode is straightforward, and expanded mode lets you to specify a few options.

You can use KLatexFormula in command-line mode (eg. for scripts)by invoking klatexformula_cmdl executable. Type klatexformula_cmdl --help for more information. A C++/Qt library is also provided.

Manuals are centralized on a wiki at http://klatexformula.sf.net/klfwiki.

Binaries are also available for Mac OS X and Windows.

Note that the K in the name "KLatexFormula" is there for historical reasons; this program is now a pure Qt 4 application.

I hope this can be useful for someone. I'm not sure of having much time to spend for keeping this application up to date, but I was encouraged to publish it so here it is... :-)


*** KLatexFormula 3.2.5
- fixes bug with epstopdf on ubuntu
- includes Czech translation by Pavel Fric (fripohled.blogspot.com)

*** KLatexFormula 3.2.4
- build system bug fix (should fix broken compilation on some platforms)
- build system enhanced for building mac installers
- more minor enhancements

*** KLatexFormula 3.2.3
- klatexformula_cmdl provides output to console on MS Windows
- corrected some typos
- more minor fixes and enhancements

*** KLatexFormula 3.2.2
- Visual feedback of which export type is used when copying or dragging an equation
- HTML data export type (image with alternate text, ideal for pasting in e-mails which can then be read in both HTML and plain text)
- Add-Ons can be even more easily installed by dragging the RCC Add-On file on the editor
- For packagers: CMake variable KLF_NO_CMU_FONT tells klatexformula to use system font by default
- For translators: Improved translation system with a new perl script to collect also messages in XML config files
- some bug fixes
- see full 3.2 release note at http://klatexformula.sourceforge.net/klfwiki/index.php/User_Manual:KLatexFormula_3.2_Release_Note

*** KLatexFormula 3.2.1
- Mac OS X binary available
- Minor bugfixes and enhancements
- see full 3.2 release note at http://klatexformula.sourceforge.net/klfwiki/index.php/User_Manual:KLatexFormula_3.2_Release_Note

*** KLatexFormula 3.2.0
- Many new features and enhancements, see the Release Notes at http://klatexformula.sourceforge.net/klfwiki/index.php/User_Manual:KLatexFormula_3.2.0_Release_Note

*** KLatexFormula 3.1.2+
- Binary Mac Installer for new version

*** KLatexFormula 3.1.2
- Fixed details in build system for packaging convenience

*** KLatexFormula 3.1.1
- Introduced fix that will stop KLatexFormula from re-building full latex symbols cache at first startup after upgrade

*** KLatexFormula 3.1.0
- Real-time Latex Preview
- Support for add-ons and plugins !
- System Tray integration plugin
- Many fixes and updates

*** KLatexFormula 3.0.1+
- Added Mac Binary Installer!

*** KLatexFormula 3.0.1
- Small bugfixes and added missing klatexformula.rc file for win compile

*** KLatexFormula 3.0.0
- Complete Source Re-Write for pure Qt 4 (needs Qt >= 4.4)
- Various minor changes, and added a nice color selection dialog ;)

*** KLatexFormula 2.1.1
- Fixed a bug in configuration that made formula previews invisible to users who hadn't yet used KLatexFormula.

*** KLatexFormula 2.1.0
- the concept of *Library* for tagging, ordering and archiving equations.

*** KLatexFormula 2.0.1
- bug fix in KLFBackend
- et voilà enfin une traduction en français pour ma petite application !

*** KLatexFormula 2.0.0 is out !
The source was subject to complete re-write for a cleaner API. See KLatexFormula homepage (klatexformula.sourceforge.net) for more information. (Note: The formula history of an older version of KLatexFormula can be imported in the newer version)
- New: A Symbols palette for insertinig in your code
- New: searching tagged history items
- New: Syntax highlighting
- Plus more features !

(Download Page)
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 by warlockrf on: May 3 2009
Score 50%

I am sorry, but how to compile it?

it is stupid to run MSI under wine... but it works, yeah

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 Re: Compillation?

 by phfaist on: May 4 2009
Score 50%

Sorry, I should have specified this more clearly !

klatexformula-3.0.1> qmake
klatexformula-3.0.1> make

and to install in /usr, run as superuser:

klatexformula-3.0.1> make install

For these steps to work, you need the Qt4's qmake to be in your $PATH.

Best Regards,
Philippe Faist

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 Thumbs up!!

 by rod on: May 4 2009
Score 50%

Thanks for the porting to qt4. It is a very very useful app, and now it is faster, looking better, better integrated.


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 KLatexFormula in Fedora

 by nucleas on: May 10 2009
Score 50%

KLatexFormula can be installed now in Fedora 9, 10, 11 with yum:

yum install klatexformula

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 command-line mode

 by nucleas on: Nov 18 2009
Score 50%

Is command-line mode was removed in 3.1.0 version?
symlink klatexformula_cmdl works like klatexformula.

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 Re: command-line mode

 by phfaist on: Nov 18 2009
Score 50%

Hi nucleas,
klatexformula_cmdl is symlinked to klatexformula because now klatexformula itself suppports command-line instructions. type klatexformula --help for basic help. Basically, you can run either the full GUI, either in batch mode, each time possibly specifying latex input and possibly output file, etc.
Batch mode is automatically activated if a --latexinput or --input option is given.

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 by vonGarett on: Feb 22 2010
Score 50%

Hi, thanks a lot for this wonderful application, I use it for 3 weeks now, with OOo impress and the result is near perfection ;)

I would like to know if there is a possibility to add an anti-aliasing option, because I observed that long mathematical expressions are better viewed if I apply the corresponding blur effect after png export with the Gimp.

Thank you very much.

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 Re: anti-aliasing

 by phfaist on: Feb 22 2010
Score 50%

Hi Olivier,
Thanks for your feedback.
Currently already the option -d{Graphics,Text}AlphaBits=4 is passed to gs (maximum antialiasing). However I don't see how I can improve antialiasing through gs (which would be in my opinion the best solution). A possible feature would be to run gs with a multiple of the given dpi resolution, then scaling down the image to the required resolution using a smooth scaling algorithm. Is this what you're suggesting?

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 Re: Re: anti-aliasing

 by vonGarett on: Feb 23 2010
Score 50%

Hi Philippe, thanks for your answer.
I don't know a lot about gs, but the proposed solution with a smooth scaling seems interesting.
If needed, I can be beta-tester :D
best regards,

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 Re: Re: Re: anti-aliasing

 by phfaist on: Sep 29 2010
Score 50%

With 3.2.0 I released a very simple blur plugin provided at https://sourceforge.net/projects/klatexformula/files/klatexformula-plugins/klfplugins-2.0/.

But consider using OpenOffice draw format export, it integrates more natively into your documents; you can also use the new KLatexFormula OpenOffice integration toolbar (see http://klatexformula.sourceforge.net/klfwiki/index.php/User_Manual:Tips_and_Tricks)


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 Re: Re: Re: Re: anti-aliasing

 by vonGarett on: Sep 29 2010
Score 50%

Hi Philippe,

I am pleased to use the new version since this morning, and it works perfectly.
I choose the possibility to export to OOo draw format and the result is really perfect for what I need (and do not).
I will test the plugins you provide asap !

Thanks again for this wonderful software ;)

Best regards


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