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Qt Sound Application

Score 54%

Link:  Link
Minimum required   Qt 4.x
Downloads:  2049
Submitted:  Nov 25 2010
Updated:  Dec 3 2014


QT application based on crossplatform library for playing different chiptune modules.

Input formats:

- AY (Compliled data in native format)
- AS0/ASC (ASC Sound Master 0.xx/1.xx-2.xx modules)
- FTC (Fast Tracker 1.xx modules)
- GTR (Global Tracker 1.xx modules)
- PSC (Pro Sound Creator 1.xx modules)
- PSG (Stream format)
- PSM (ProSoundMaker module)
- PT1 (ProTracker v1 modules)
- PT2 (ProTracker v2 modules)
- PT3 (ProTracker v3 modules)
- SQT (SQ-Tracker compiled modules)
- ST1 (SoundTracker uncompiled modules)
- ST3 (SoundTracker v3.x compiled modules)
- STC (SoundTracker compiled modules)
- STP (SoundTrackerPro modules)
- TXT (VortexTracker modules)
- TurboSound (Container and PT3.7-based)
- VTX (Vortex Project by V_Soft modules)
- YM (StSound? Project by Leonard/Oxygen modules)
- CHI (ChipTracker modules)
- DMM (DigitalMusicMaker modules)
- DST (DigitalStudio modules)
- ET1 (ExtremeTracker v1.x modules)
- PDT (ProDigiTracker modules)
- SQD (SQ Digital Tracker modules)
- STR (SampleTracker modules)
- 669 (Composer 669 modules)
- AMF (DSMI Advanced Module Format modules)
- AMF (Asylum Music Format modules)
- DBM (DigiBooster Pro modules)
- DBM (DIGI Booster modules)
- DMF (X-Tracker modules)
- DTM (Digital Tracker modules)
- DTT (Desktop Tracker modules)
- EMOD (Quadra Composer modules)
- FAR (Farandole Composer modules)
- FNK (Funktracker modules)
- GDM (Generic Digital Music modules)
- GTK (Graoumf Tracker modules)
- MOD (His Master's Noise modules)
- MTN (Soundtracker/Ice Tracker modules)
- IMF (Imago Orpheus modules)
- IMS (Images Music System modules)
- IT (Impulse Tracker modules)
- LIQ (Liquid Tracker modules)
- PSM (Epic MegaGames MASI modules)
- MDL (Digitrakker modules)
- MED (MED/OctaMED modules)
- MOD (Protracker modules)
- MTM (Multitracker modules)
- OKT (Oktalyzer modules)
- PSM (Protracker Studio modules)
- PT36 (Protracker 3 modules)
- PTM (Poly Tracker modules)
- RTM (Real Tracker modules)
- S3M (Scream Tracker 3 modules)
- SFX (SoundFX modules)
- MOD (Soundtracker modules)
- STIM (Slamtilt modules)
- STM (Scream Tracker 2 modules)
- STX (STMIK modules)
- TCB (TCB Tracker modules)
- ULT (Ultra Tracker modules)
- XM (Fast Tracker II modules)
- TF0/TFE (TFM Music Maker modules)
- TFC (TurboFM Compiled)
- TFD (TurboFM Dump)
- COP (E-Tracker)
- CHARPRES (CharPres packer)
- CC3 (Code Cruncher v3)
- CC4 (Compressor Code v4 & v4+)
- DSQ (DataSquieezer)
- ESV (ESV Cruncher)
- GAM (GamePacker v1 & v1+)
- HRUM (Hrum)
- HRUST1 (Hrust 1.x)
- HRUST2 (Hrust 2.x)
- LZH (LZH Packer v1 & v2)
- LZS (LZS Packer)
- MegaLZ (MegaLZ packer)
- MSP (MicroSpace Packer)
- PACK2 (Pack v2)
- PCD (Powerfull Code Decreaser v6.1 & -v6.2)
- TLZ (Turbo-LZ usual and protected versions)
- TRUSH (Trush packer)
- FDI (Full Disk Image format)
- HOBETA (Single file container)
- HRIP (HRiP archive format)
- LHA (LHA archives)
- RAR (RAR archives)
- RAW (Data scaner)
- SNA128 (Snapshots format)
- SCL (Multifile container)
- TD0 (TeleDisk image)
- TRD (TRDos disk image)
- ZIP (ZIP archives)
- Z80 (Snapshots format)
- ZXSTATE (Snapshots format)
- ZXZIP (ZxZip)

Output subsystems:
- ALSA (linux)
- AYLPT (win32- via dlportio driver)
- DirectSound (win32)
- NULL writer (crossplatform, benchmark)
- OSS (linux)
- SDL (crossplatform, disabled by default)
- WAV writer (crossplatform)
- WaveOutput (win32)
- MP3 (crossplatform)
- OGG (crossplatform)
- FLAC (crossplatform)


ZXTune library and distributed applications changelog.

[+] - new feature
[-] - removed feature/rudiment
[*] - fix/improvement

--- Rev3150 from 03.12.2014

[+] Added ExtremeTracker v1.xx support
[*] Fix crash on invalid MMD3 modules
[*] zxtune-android: use external storage as file cache
[*] zxtune-android: improved errors reporting
[*] zxtune-android: fixed some memory leaks on orientation change
[*] zxtune-android: speedup and other improvements in remote catalogs support
[*] zxtune-android: fixed search results disappearing on orientation change

--- Rev3135 from 18.11.2014

[*] Fixed SQD playback
[+] Supported AYLPT backend via dlportio-compatible gates
[+] zxtune-android: save and restore currently played item and position between sessions
[+] zxtune-android: search functionality in browser
[*] zxtune-android: improved support of some network sources
[*] zxtune-android: fixed some crashes on application exit
[*] zxtune-android: reworked browser progress report

--- Rev3120 from 27.10.2014

[*] improved quality of beeper emulation
[*] updated SID songs length database to #61
[*] zxtune-android: fixed playback of some modules types at devices with 48000 Hz sample rate

--- Rev3115 from 21.10.2014

[+] zxtune-qt: added comment column in playlist
[*] zxtune-android: fixed cache in www.zxart.ee catalogue
[*] zxtune-android: support party compos information in www.zxart.ee catalogue
[*] zxtune-android: detailed information about tracks in www.zxart.ee catalogue browser

--- Rev3100 from 22.09.2014

[+] Support unpacked YM files
[+] Support PCD6.1i packer modification
[*] Proper size detection of PCD blocks
[*] Improved support of CodeCruncher3 (CC3) packed blocks
[+] zxtune-qt: shuffle playlist functionality
[+] zxtune-qt: hotkeys for playback controls
[+] zxtune-qt: fast navigation on playlist via letters keys
[+] zxtune-qt: load/save currently played item and active playlist
[*] zxtune-qt: fix lost playlist items drag'n'drop feature
[+] zxtune-android: www.zxart.ee music catalog support
[*] zxtune-android: do not use fixed width for current/total time panes

--- Rev3077 from 30.07.2014

[*] zxtune-android: fix crashes on UI activities if background service is not started yet

--- Rev3075 from 23.07.2014

[*] Reduce size of SID song lengths database
[*] zxtune-android: change HVSC source to http://www.prg.dtu.dk
[*] zxtune-qt: support statistic and selection based on module's file.

--- Rev3070 from 09.06.2014

[+] zxtune-android: support installation/moving to SD card
[*] zxtune-android: display author info at lockscreen widget
[*] zxtune-android: improve media buttons handling

--- Rev3065 from 27.05.2014

[+] zxtune-android: sending any currently playing module and sharing playing modules from zxtunes.com
[+] zxtune-android: 'Open with' system menu integration for some of the supported file types
[+] zxtune-android: standard lockscreen widget (only for Android 4.0+ and enabled media buttons control)
[*] zxtune-android: reworked media buttons conrol processing
[*] zxtune-android: reworked main menu
[*] zxtune-android: wait for I/O operations finish before exit
[*] zxtune-android: fix crash on some parent directory movements in browser
[*] zxtune-android: fix crash on startup in some cases

--- Rev3050 from 29.04.2014

[+] Support SID format version 3
[*] Fix msvs binaries working on Windows XP
[*] zxtune-qt: fix redundand playlist updates while scan
[*] zxtune-android: detailed information about resolve error
[*] zxtune-android: improved zxtunes.com cache
[*] zxtune-android: fix cache processing for HVSC catalog

See full changelog in distributed files.

MS Windows(zxtune win32 (rev3150))
MS Windows(zxtune win64 (rev3150))
other(zxtune linux (rev2850))
other(zxtune linux64 (rev2850))
other(zxtune dingux mipsel (rev2850))
Source(Check out sources)
Ubuntu(zxtune ubuntu32 (rev2850))
Ubuntu(zxtune ubuntu64 (rev2850))
Arch(zxtune archlinux32 (rev2850))
Arch(zxtune archlinux64 (rev2850))
Red Hat(zxtune redhat32 (rev2850))
Red Hat(zxtune redhat64 (rev2850))
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 Link to source

 by glad on: Mar 3 2011
Score 50%

Please add a link to the source code.

Reply to this


 Re: Link to source

 by Vitamin on: Mar 4 2011
Score 50%

How can I do this? I haven't found any option.

With best wishes

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 Re: Re: Link to source

 by glad on: Mar 7 2011
Score 50%

Add a tar or zip file of the source code on your google page and add a link to it on this page like you did for the binary packages. Alternatively, adding a link to http://code.google.com/p/zxtune/source/checkout is also acceptable.

Reply to this


 Re: Re: Re: Link to source

 by Vitamin on: Mar 8 2011
Score 50%

I'm only managed to add link in downloads section. So it's added without any 'target' or 'rel' attributes and requires 3 seconds before redirection to page. Is it acceptable?

With best wishes

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Link to source

 by glad on: Mar 8 2011
Score 50%


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 by gwljap on: Aug 16 2011
Score 30%

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 by gwljap on: Oct 21 2011
Score 30%

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 What about sid files ???

 by rolf5 on: Dec 4 2014
Score 50%

I cannot load any sid file with zxtune, have to play it with deadbeef. Please add sid compatibility.

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 Delete file from disk

 by rolf5 on: Dec 4 2014
Score 50%

I really need this function to clean out my collection

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