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Qt Development Environment

Score 73%

Link:  http://edyuk.org
Minimum required   Qt 4.x
Downloads:  3606
Submitted:  Apr 1 2007
Updated:  Jul 20 2009


Edyuk is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Qt 4.

Main features :
* free
* open-source
* lightweight
* fast (ever tried Eclipse?)
* qmake projects (.pro) management
* compilation (needs gcc / mingw)
* debugging (needs gdb)
* Qt Designer integration
* Qt Assistant integration
* QRC files editing facilities
* powerful and flexible editing framework (line numbers, parenthesis matching, syntax highlighting, ...)
* class browsing
* code completion
* shortcut management
* run-time translation
* external tools management
* perspective-based GUI with dynamic menus
* plugin-oriented architecture => high flexibility
* code snippets

Note : Edyuk needs on Qt 4.3 or higher installed.


1.1.1 :
* numerous bugfixes (see SVN log and tracker for details)
* code snippets ala Textmate (though not as powerful yet)

1.1.0 :
* many fixes
* more polished UI
* improved build system
* improved debugger
* improved project management
* improved editing framework (newer version of QCodeEdit)

1.0.1 :
* bugfixes (several crashes and disabled features)
* polishing (improved usability)
* improved data storage (increase installation flexibility and makes package creation easier)

1.0.0 :
* bugfixes
* lots of polishing
* revamped plugins management
* much improved debuging
* better Qt 4.4 compatibility (Assistant integration used to be broken for instance)

* an assortment of bug fixes
* debuging is back!
* much improved code completion
* project management : added drag and drop and inline editing and a detailed view mode
* assistant integration : added inline search panel
* much improved code browsing
* a couple of speed improvements
* more configuration options
* added a proper windows installer

1.0.0-pre1 :
* fixed tons of bugs
* many usability improvments
* brand new plugin system
* way better configuration facilities
* improved class browsing and code completion
* improved speed (app loading, project loading, ...)
* much better designer integration
* improved usability
* added column selection and column edit to QCodeEdit 2
* and more...

Note : some features have been disabled (e.g. debuging) and some lack completeness for the purpose of this release is to ensure stability and usability. They shall come back in time that is in 1.0.0 final ;)

1.0.0-beta3 :
* can compile under windows
* added XML, Python, C# and PHP grammars
* many improvements
* dozens of fixes

1.0.0-beta :
* fully rewritten text editing layer. QCodeEdit 2 no longer relies on QTextDocument, yet it still handles bidi, thus it reduces the memory consumption noticeably and increase the speed, especially concerning loading and highlighting, which is still done generically by the way but with a brand new XML spec
* fully rewritten completion data backend (not the parsers...) which brings both lower memory consumption and much faster loading (down to 2 seconds instead of 10...)
* hundreds of bug fixes in many places

Source(1.1.1 (TuxFamily))
Source(1.1.1 and older (Sourceforge))
Source(SVN trunk)
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 one more

 by xep on: Aug 5 2007
Score 50%

when i close liguist (which was opened from edyuk) edyuk closes too.

now it hides from me again!

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 Re: one more

 by fullmetalcoder on: Aug 22 2007
Score 50%

This tricky bug has been solved on SVN. Update your working copy and it should vanish...



p.s. : after some SVN updates a make clean may be needed since qmake fails to achieve proper dependency tracking for the plugins. Rarely, a settings cleanup can also help (settings are located in $HOME/.Edyuk-<Edyuk version>/ )

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 Mac OS X

 by TranquilizerK on: Mar 20 2008
Score 50%

I tried to compile Edyuk 1.0.0-rc1 on Mac OS X, but some error occurred in plugins directory.

/bin/sh: line 1: ../../../qplugin_generator: No such file or directory

then I changed ".pro" files(defaults.pro,...) as follows

win32:QMAKE_QPLUGIN_GENERATOR = ..\..\..\qplugin_generator.exe
macx:QMAKE_QPLUGIN_GENERATOR = ../../../qplugin_generator.app/Contents/MacOS/qplugin_generator
else:QMAKE_QPLUGIN_GENERATOR = ../../../qplugin_generator

This change may be proper or not,
Edyuk is running normally so far on Mac OS X.

Thank you !

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 Re: Mac OS X

 by fullmetalcoder on: Mar 20 2008
Score 50%

Nice to hear that it works under Mac as I myself can't test it on this platform. As for the changes needed to get it compiled I think the best solution would be to prevent the creation of the bundle as qplugin_generator is a command line application... I thought I have done this in the last development version but it looks like it hadn't been done when I had released the rc1.

I'd like to know if the following line successfully prevent bundle creation and make Edyuk compile without your proposed fix. :
CONFIG -= app_bundle

(to add in src/exec/exec.pro)



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 Re: Re: Mac OS X

 by TranquilizerK on: Mar 22 2008
Score 50%

I tried your suggestion of adding to remove 'CONFIG' option 'app_ bundle' in 'qplugin_generator.pro'.
I think your change would be better than mine.

Thank You.

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 Re: Re: Re: Mac OS X

 by fullmetalcoder on: Mar 23 2008
Score 50%

So you confirm that my proposed fix did the trick? Neat! At last Edyuk now compiles on the three major platforms supported by Qt 4 :D

If you have some more feedback I'd suggest that you use the the mailing list, my e-mail address or the tracker (as indicated in the README) because I do not visit qt-apps.org often and I might miss your post...



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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Mac OS X

 by tommyd3mdi on: Jul 5 2008
Score 50%

The proposed solution is not correct.

CONFIG -= app_bundle has to be defined in


not in


where it should be removed, since this seems to create the main executable.

I'm currently in the process of making a dmg for edyuk - making the bundle independent from the various plugins cost me some nerves though - stay tuned.

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 Problem compilation Edyku

 by skkamss on: Jun 13 2014
Score 50%

Dear all,
If someone could help me please. many thanks.
I have this error:

C:\Users\vaio\Desktop\edyuk-1.1.0\src\plugins\default\default.pro:68: erreur : Cannot find feature ../../../installs/features/qplugin_from_scheme.prf
C:\Users\vaio\Desktop\edyuk-1.1.0\src\plugins\assistant\assistant.pro:52: erreur : Cannot find feature ../../../installs/features/qplugin_from_scheme.prf
:-1: erreur : No module matching library 'QtDesignerComponents' found.

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 Problem compilation Edyku

 by skkamss on: Jun 13 2014
Score 50%

Please I am in training and my mission is to provide a development environment similar to edyuk, I am a beginner in QT c + + and I looked around websites and I found this magnificent site web. My job is to make an IDE can create a project with a database file (extension.c) save it to the hard drive, and load it into the tree to manage multiple projects in a tree with syntax highlighting c language and the possibility to create multiple tabs in a text editor, a console with multiple tabs that displays the binary output files running .. I did not need a debugger or compiler! please help me .. I'm Verily in embarrassment

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